Bespoke Architectural Joinery

Bespoke Architectural joinery offer expertise in manufacturing bespoke joinery and installation services to an array of listed and contemporary buildings. We have specific experience preserving legacy furniture pieces and structures within historic buildings throughout the South East. We handcraft a wide range of custom furniture to suit all building requirements. From our cutting edge, high-quality workshop in Essex, our expert skilled Architectural Joiners produce and design the best bespoke joinery, including timber windows, timber doors, staircases, custom cabinetry and carefully assembled kitchens for listed and heritage buildings.

One aspect of our business that we take particular pride in, is our ability in which to create utterly unique and bespoke items to fit into any home. Sticklers for precise measurements, innovative solutions and a high-quality of craftmanship, we can boastfully take pride in our abilities to create unique feature pieces to suit any kind of building. After nearly three decades of experience with carpentry, we can combine technical knowledge with artistic flair to help you design wooden features for your home that makes your place stand out from the crowd. There is no tricky joint that can catch us out, or any naughty splinter that makes it past our crack team. We offer only the most exclusive and quality products and service for all Architectural Joinery requests.

We take into account personal tastes in regards to textures, colours, finishes, and varnishes, and are able to offer a wide range of aesthetics that will appeal to any style fashionista. We use precise specifications in order to make to size order any item that is to fit into any space, no matter how large, small, awkward or challenging those places may be. Our Bespoke Architectural Service is one of the most sought after and lauded in all of the South-East. We are proud to be able to offer the greatest expertise, skills, knowledge, and practical know-how in regards to all things carpentry throughout the entirety of London and Essex, and we hope to share these specialised skills with you.